National Post Calls Underground “Irresistible”

Philip Marchand reviewed Underground in the National Post Today.

The hard copy of the newspaper has a large sketch of me  labelled “Irresistible”. It’s a page I wish I could send to some of the girls I admired in high school.

To critique the critique, the review does insist that I am not writing humour – it insists a bit too much because I am indeed not writing humour in this novel – it’s about a fight to the death without a lot of laughs, but perhaps some tender moments.

But there is dark humour in the tone, a bit of “what fools these mortals be”.

Where is the writer who will agree wholeheartedly with a critic’s assessment? He also called the novel compelling and layered, and that’s pretty good.

Blog Tour Now On

Underground is a historical literary thriller with elements of espionage and romance.

It’s set a very short time ago, just after the second word war, but in a part of Europe whose stories are untold and whose geography  is obscure to most of us on this side of the Atlantic.

What are lovers in this place and time to do when history crashes into their personal desires and private lives?

I’ll be on a blog tour for the next couple of months, being reviewed and interviewed, so look for me and for talk about the book at the links down below. Some of the dates will follow later.

And on a final personal note, I wrote this novel trying to make it something a reader could easily fall into and live happily with for a few days, so I hope that turns out to be the case for you.

To start you off, se Eva Stachniak’s detailed interview at the first link below. I have the first three linked – the others to follow.

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