Reviews and Appearances

Provisionally Yours received good reviews in The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail (behind a paywall here)  and Publishers Weekly, the latter calling the book “an urbane thriller”.

Watch for an audio interview on Shelagh Rogers’s show, The Next Chapter, on CBC radio on May 25 and running again the following Monday and always available afterward  online..

I’ll be appearing a some book clubs privately, but also at these public venues:

May 23: Windsor On, at the Biblioasis spring launch.

May 30, Yorkville Public Library in conversation with Josip Novakovich..

July 15, Nida, Lithuania, Thomas Mann Centre talk -“Imaginary European Homelands”

July 21 – Tobermory Ferry, Ontario – a reading on the ferry between sets of  a chamber music orchestra

I have been to Lithuania three times this year as of May, where the translation is getting  a lot of exposure and I find myself in the media, such as the cover of the weekly magazine below:

As well, I was on a Lithuanian radio show where the interviewer knew the names of my elementary school and high school sweethearts. I don’t remember ever writing about them anywhere. Mysterious.

I have been sitting on a Lithuanian advisory committee to the parliament, and here are a couple of photos of what that looks like:

Sitting in the Constitution Room in the Lithuanian parliament building, listening to a speaker on human trafficking.


Addressing a Lithuanian parliamentary committee about Lithuania’s public image in the English-speaking world.